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Emily Brown Story

Emily Brown, a Colorado Springs native, was diagnosed with osteogenic sarcoma (bone cancer) in her spine when she was 10 years old. Her story is unique in that her treatment involved the collaboration of veterinary and human oncologists. Having run out of treatment options, Emily's medical team contacted Dr. Stephen Withrow at the FACC, searching for hope. The new treatment, developed for dogs with bone cancer, showed promise for Emily and was given on a compassionate-use basis. She believes it saved her life. Now in her twenties, Emily graduated from college (2011) and each year celebrates another Glad to Be ...
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Angela’s Story

Meet Angela, a bone cancer survivor, and Dr. Stephen Withrow, founder and associate director of the Flint Animal Cancer Center. Bone cancer affects both dogs and children. Angela benefited directly from Dr. Withrow's pioneering collaboration with human orthopedic surgeon Dr. Ross Wilkins perfecting a limb-sparing technique allowing people with bone cancer to avoid amputation. First developed at CSU for veterinary patients, this technique has benefitted countless children - the population most often stricken with osteosarcoma ...
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