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Faces of One Cure

In March, the foundation will introduce its "Faces of Team One Cure" Program which is a fun, interactive way to upload a photograph of your special someone when, combined with others, will create a mosaic photograph

Co-Pilot the No.77

The Team One Cure logo will be distinctive on the No. 77 entry. Also unique and distinctive will be a photo montage carrying the faces of people and pets impacted by cancer. Positioned on the front spoilers, this colorful tribute will lead the charge as driver Jay Howard pilots the Team One Cure to share the message of comparative oncology…and of hope.

Karting Competition

The foundation is pleased to announce that a single day karting competition will be held at 48 separate indoor karting tracks located throughout the United States. This competition is perfect for families, organizations and corporations to assemble a team to race, have fun and raise money for One Cure.

Colorado State University

Cancer is cancer. Collaboration matters…

Veterinarians and medical doctors working together create collaborative research that can vastly speed the process from laboratory to human clinical trials, saving millions in research costs and producing results that can be applied to human and animal patients alike.

The dog is a cancer patient's best friend.

By studying companion animal cancers through clinical trials, outcomes may be understood in two years - a fraction of the 5-15 years it normally takes to determine if a drug or procedure is successful through human clinical trials.

Rod Page, Colorado State University
Dog immunotherapy

Comparative Oncology. An answer to cancer.

It is full speed ahead within the field of cancer medicine to view pets with naturally occurring disease as the ideal route to improving cancer treatment in people. This approach is known as Comparative Oncology, and it is the core of the One Cure concept.

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