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Team One Cure is a program but it's about people. Team One Cure is comprised of EVERYONE who joins Tony in sharing our stories, making a donation, participating in the Faces of Team One Cure campaign or deciding to drive in the karting competition. In other words, YOU can be a member of Team One Cure! It's easy… and it's important! When you see social media posts or articles or a news story about Tony, his foundation and Team One Cure, all you need to do is SHARE with your friends, family, neighbors and colleagues. It's like that old game of "telephone" where one person starts the message chain and it just builds and builds until there's a huge number of folks inspired by the stories and successes of One Cure treatments.

About Team One Cure
Tony Stewart
Nicole Ehrhart performs surgery on "Scoober" at the James L. Voss Veterinary Teaching Hospital. July 15, 2015
The Tony Stewart Foundation

Our Approach

One Cure

Cancer is cancer. One Cure is founded on the principle that cancer affects all creatures and that treatment breakthroughs come through collaboration between scientists and doctors who are working with both people and animals. This approach is known as comparative oncology. It is the core of the One Cure concept.

Our Story

Stewart Establishes Team One Cure

3-time NASCAR Cup Series champion Tony Stewart has always been an advocate for children and animals, especially those facing serious illness. When introduced to the Flint Animal Cancer Center (FACC) and how it is developing cutting edge cancer treatments for people and pets, Tony was moved to action. To create awareness, enthusiasm and understanding of the FACC, Tony established TEAM ONE CURE.

The Flint Animal Cancer Center at Colorado State University

FACC houses the world's largest group of scientists studying and treating naturally occurring cancer in pets. It has trained more surgical, medical and radiation oncologists than any other veterinary institution. Their mission is to improve the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer in pets, translating this research and knowledge to benefit people with cancer.

The Tony Stewart Foundation

The mission of the Tony Stewart Foundation is to provide grant funding to well-qualified organizations serving children who are critically ill or physically disabled; animals at-risk or endangered; and drivers injured in the sport of motor racing.

Join Tony's Team One Cure

Your donation helps accelerate change for cancer research benefitting people and pets.